Your Personal Vision

personal vision statement

Each person has the ability to not just survive in this world – they can truly flourish and fulfill their lifelong dreams of becoming the person they want to be. Don’t settle for mediocrity, because you have the ability to become the person you envision yourself to be. But to do this, you need to start somewhere, and that’s with your personal vision statement.

A personal vision statement is an intensely important expression of your purpose for existence. Yes, it is that serious, because it validates and justifies your place in society to yourself, and to a certain extent, to others. Your statement should be expressed in words that are understandable to you, in a comprehensive and concise manner. It can be anything from a single sentence to pages in which you detail your strategy in making your vision a reality. In fact, the more you write about how you’ll attain your vision, the better your statement becomes. Don’t forget to include such things as:

What you can do everyday
Where you’ll hope to be a month, 6 months, or a year from today
What you will and will not do
What areas you can improve on, and what areas you’re already great in
Why you’ve decided to fulfill your vision

Documenting this helps because you’ll be able to refer back to it at anytime. It will become a great source of inspiration to you, particularly at times when you need something to help you through hard times.

If you don’t believe in your vision statement, change it as soon as you can, because you need to be able to believe it (even if it’s outlandish) to make it happen. You may also need to make adjustments every now and then, as your personal growth and evolving needs may need to be reflected in your statement.